Cell Tower Lease Kiss of Death

Cell Tower Lease Kiss of Death

Were you given fair cell tower lease rates? Cell tower leases are wonderful when they workout right for the landowner and a nightmare when they don’t. You get your hopes up of securing this fantastic deal and earning lots of money by leasing your land, but after a few weeks of failed negotiation, the deal leaves you flat and disappointed. It happens more often than not, but its business! However, have you heard of the cell tower lease kiss of death? No? Maybe you should read on to find out more?

Low-Ball Offers

Most companies start with a low figure, it’s to be expected, and sometimes companies do get a property owner that accepts the offer. However, some companies low-ball landowners and for whatever reason they refuse to budge from the stance. That’s the kiss of death in terms of the cell tower lease because once a company has refused to budge from their low-ball offer, there’s no hope of continuing unless you agree to the price. Are the cell tower lease rates fair? Sometimes, for whatever reason, the company believes the low-ball figure is their one and only baseline and won’t increase any offers. When that happens and you’re not happy, the deal falls through.

Cell Tower Lease Kiss of Death

Negotiations Are Difficult Without Help

The cell tower kiss of death usually comes during the negotiation stage. Most people attempt to go into negotiations with the cell tower company and when they throw a low number at you, you’re tempted to triple the number in hopes of getting a better offer. Well, it’s a nice thought, but it doesn’t often work! There are times when companies say they’re walking away because they think you’re unreasonable in terms of what you expect from them and there are no second chances. That’s why you need help with this part of the negotiations. Why is that? You want fair cell tower lease rates and opting for a professional might help solve the problem. Also, you avoid making unreasonable demands during the negotiations and ruining the deal.

Know What Your Options Are

Just because a cell tower company approaches you to rent or lease the land, that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to do so. What is more, if you aren’t happy with the cell tower at any stage of the negotiations (and you haven’t signed any documents or contracts) you’re well within your right to walk away from the deal. Unfortunately, a lot of landowners don’t want to continue on with the deal, but are afraid of the consequences. You shouldn’t be afraid because there is nothing to say you must lease your land. Know the best cell tower lease rates and find out if it’s worth your time leasing your land.

Know The Signs Of A Failing Deal

This is a business deal after all, and things can and will go wrong. Cell tower leases are no different than agreeing to a contract with an employer. Okay, so there are differences, but essentially, they’re the same when they’re stripped back. One is offering the service to another for a set price and when both parties agree a deal can be made. However, when there are issues with the negotiations, not to mention everything else, deals can fall away. Don’t be afraid to go bold to get great cell tower lease rates, but don’t expect too much either, because deals don’t always happen.

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